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Recent injuries are those which have occurred within the last two weeks. They can include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Sprain - Sprains are injuries to ligaments. They are often accompanied by swelling initially and then bruising of the affected area; the ankle is a common site of sprains. In children, the growth plate is often weaker than the ligaments. This is why some “sprains” of the ankle turn out to actually be growth plate fractures.

  • Dislocation - A separation of two bones that normally come together to form a joint. These are very painful, usually with an obvious visual deformity, and should be reduced (put back into place) as soon as possible. Common dislocations are of the shoulder or fingers.

  • Nursemaid’s elbow - A common type of dislocation in young children, usually occurs after pulling on the arm of a resisting toddler.

  • Fracture - Please see, “Is It Broken?